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Northeast Research Station Field Day
Drones make an appearance at the LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station field day.
(Video: 06/27/14) A demonstration of a drone highlighted research on display at the LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station Field Day. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard attended the field day and has this report. (Runtime: 1:51 seconds)
Wildlife Camp
Wildlife campers learn how to identify plants
(Video 06/11/14) LSU College of Agriculture students were spending the first part of their summer in the woods. The students were part of a wildlife habitat field study class and learning about plant identification. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard tagged along for a trek through the forest. (Runtime: 1:40 seconds)
Wheat Harvest
Louisiana wheat crop beats cold winter
(Video 06/11/14) Louisiana farmers are harvesting the state’s wheat crop. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard reports that despite winter freezes during the growing season, wheat yields are promising. (Runtime: 1:22 seconds)
AgCenter sets rice field days
(Distribute 06/30/14) The LSU AgCenter will hold three field days for rice farmers in July.
AgCenter forms nutrient task force
(Distributed 06/30/14) WINNSBORO, La. – Crop varieties change frequently, which sometimes causes farmers to adjust how they apply fertilizers. To ensure its recommendations are up to date, the LSU AgCenter has formed a task force to study the effectiveness of fertilizers on major row crops and forages grown in Louisiana.
Dean Lee field day set for July 17 in Alexandria
(Distributed 06/30/14) ALEXANDRIA, La. – The LSU AgCenter Dean Lee Research and Extension Center in Alexandria will host a field day on July 17. Attendees will hear about AgCenter scientists' research on various row crops and management of insects, weeds and diseases.
copper plant
Copper Plant – Ornamental Plant of the Week for June 30, 2014
(Distributed 06/27/14) Copper plants are great foliage plants for the summer and fall landscape. When planted in the spring, these beautiful tropical-looking small shrubs turn into fabulous accent plants in color beds as we get later in the growing season.
Stoke's Aster
Native Stoke’s aster flowers return every year
(Video: 06/29/14) It’s a nice perk to have beautiful flowers that keep blooming year after year at the same time, without having to replant. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill introduces you to one of those — a native perennial called Stoke’s aster. (Runtime: 1:50 seconds)
It’s hummingbird time in the landscape
(Distributed 06/27/14) HAMMOND, La. –Many people think attracting hummingbirds is as easy as hanging a feeder. But that is not always successful because many hummingbirds are not accustomed to using feeders. It can be frustrating to put out a feeder and never see a hummingbird.
F. King Alexander
Research station helps farmers achieve record yields
(Distributed 06/27/14) CROWLEY, La. – The threat of rain kept activities indoors at the LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station’s 105th annual field day, but that didn’t dampen enthusiasm for the event Thursday (June 25) with roughly 400 people in attendance.
AgCenter officials urge rice farmers to attend EPA hearing on water use
(Distributed 06/26/14) CROWLEY, La. – An LSU AgCenter official urged the Louisiana Rice Growers Association Board of Directors to make comments at a listening session of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency aimed at receiving input for a proposed set of regulations that would revise the Clean Water Act.
Webworms make an appearance in Louisiana
(Audio 07/01/14) Fall webworms make a strange webbing in the branches of trees and shrubs. They aren’t as destructive as you think; the worms just damage the leaves that are within the webbing. The actual branch isn’t affected. Listen to learn more about what to do concerning webworms in your landscape. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
tawny crazy ant
EPA OKs emergency label for tawny crazy ant insecticide
(Distributed 06/25/14) BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana homes and other buildings that are infested with tawny crazy ants now have a remedy as a result of a Section 18 quarantine exemption use label for Termidor SC insecticide
Lawn care becomes more important during summer
(Audio 07/01/14) Between the heat and afternoon rain showers, the grass in your lawn tends to grow a lot faster than normal. Because of this, our lawn chores increase. Your grass will not only need to be cut more often, but depending on how long between rain showers, it may also need to be watered. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Raging summer temperatures complicate gardening
(Audio 07/01/14) It isn’t too late to plant some of those late-summer vegetables and start transplants of others to plant as well. Most gardeners either work early in the morning or in the late afternoon to keep out of the daytime heat. Listen to learn more about how to beat the heat and what to plant in your gardens as late summer approaches. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Fig harvest is early this year
(Audio 07/01/14) Because of the mild winter and early spring, figs trees are a little ahead of time. Birds, weather and summer diseases all have a huge impact on how well your figs trees produce. Listen to learn more about how to help your fig trees during the summer. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Heat-tolerant bedding plants
(Audio 07/01/14) The heat-tolerant plants you selected at the beginning of the summer are in full bloom and looking very healthy now. The plants that aren’t heat-tolerant, however, are probably dying from the heat. You can replace those plants with some that do well to make a beautiful bed for the summer. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Syam Dodla
Agronomist studies effects of nutrient, irrigation management strategies
(Distributed 06/23/14) BOSSIER CITY, La. – As efficient use of nutrients and water becomes an increasingly hot topic in agriculture, LSU AgCenter agronomist Syam Dodla is examining ways to lower production costs and minimize environmental impact without negatively affecting crop health or yields.
with drying hut
Solar dryer helps Ghana farmers maintain steady food supply
(Distributed 06/06/14) BATON ROUGE, La. – A solar dryer designed by LSU AgCenter food engineer Subramaniam Sathivel is helping farmers in Ghana preserve crops so they can maintain a steadier food supply.
Weeds, nitrogen are topics at field day
(Audio News 06/23/14) Controlling weeds and reducing nitrogen loss are big concerns for farmers. LSU AgCenter researchers addressed both topics at a Northeast Research Station field day in St. Joseph. Participants heard about new herbicide technologies. (Runtime: 1:35)
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