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Coastal residents see flood threat on AgCenter maps

News Release Distributed 06/12/14

DELCAMBRE, La. – Louisiana coastal residents were able to see the elevation and flooding threat for their property and residences at the Delcambre Seafood and Farmer’s Market on June 7 at a booth staffed by the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant.

“Most of them wanted to know if they are in a special flood hazard area,” said Pat Skinner, LSU AgCenter disaster programs coordinator.

She said most people who stopped by were familiar with building requirements after experiencing floods from hurricanes Ike and Rita.

By just typing an address into a computer, Andrew Garcia, LSU AgCenter information technology specialist, could show residents their elevation and flooding potential for that location. He said many people had questions related to flood insurance.

“Sometimes they know the rates may change, but they want to know why,” he said.

Anita and Larry Landry are rebuilding a home 5 feet higher than their previous home, which was flooded by Hurricane Rita. They were interested in some of the new building techniques demonstrated in the mobile LaHouse exhibit at the booth.

“They have some good things,” Anita Landry said. “It’s very good they have that.”

Tina and Keith Renard of Delcambre said they elevated their home more than 5 feet after it was flooded by Rita and Ike. They checked the flood map to see what it shows for their elevation and its flooding possibility.

“We are just curious to see if anything has changed,” Rita Renard said.

They said their son might relocate to Delcambre, and the flood map program will be helpful as he decides to either build a new home or buy an existing residence.

“It’s very nice he’ll be able to do that,” she said.

To view the flood maps on the LSU AgCenter website, go to

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