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Be a ‘best manager’ for your lawn and landscape
(Distributed 10/30/09) Well-managed lawns and landscaping are good for the environment as well as being attractive. Bad management, however, can negate a lot of the environmental benefits.

Diabetes month is reminder about healthful eating
(Distributed 10/29/09) Every November during American Diabetes Month, LSU AgCenter nutritionist Dr. Beth Reames reminds people healthful eating is important for managing diabetes.

Make mealtimes a chance for family connection
(Distributed 10/28/09) Today’s lifestyles might be causing people to miss out on the unique love and belonging that come from family bonds, according to LSU AgCenter family and child expert Diane Sasser.

Shrubs serve landscape well
(Distributed 10/23/09) Shrubs are important background plants for any home landscape. They have definite growth habits in height, spread and form.

Plant azaleas in fall for best success
(Distributed 10/16/09) Azaleas are the most widely planted shrub in Louisiana, but few gardeners would ever think about planting them in the fall because many of the varieties aren’t blooming in the nurseries for gardeners to compare colors.
Venting: What you don’t know can kill you
(Distributed 10/13/09) Many household appliances such as gas heaters and dryers, fireplaces, furnaces and gas ranges operate by burning a combustible fuel such as natural gas, propane, wood or other fossil fuel. Appliances of this type (combustion appliances) need proper venting to operate safely.
Rituals, traditions strengthen families
(Distributed 10/13/09) Family traditions and rituals have been shown to help strengthen families – both the individual members and the family as a whole, according to LSU AgCenter family life expert Dr. Diane D. Sasser.
Petunias remain popular bedding plants
(Distributed 10/09/09) Petunias continue to be one of our most popular bedding plants. They long have been relied on for their consistent landscape performance and can be used as either warm-season or cool-season ornamentals.