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Sugarcane Harvest Better Than Expected
Sugarcane Harvest

(TV News 12/12/05) Hurricanes Rita and Katrina were not good for the already struggling Louisiana sugarcane industry, but the storms did not do as much damage as growers first anticipated. (Runtime: 1 minute 25 seconds)

Biosecurity Measures Important On Poultry Farms
Bird Flu

(TV News 12/26/05) Avian influenza, or bird flu, is not in the United States, but it has raised concerns about biosecurity in the poultry industry. While it has been more than 20 years since a highly contagious strain of avian flu was found in the United States, poultry producers have not let their guard down. (Runtime: 1 minute 26 seconds)

Salt Water Affected Soil In Sugarcane Fields
(Radio News 12/26/05) Salt water flooded many sugarcane fields during Hurricane Rita. While many growers are reporting better-than-expected recoverable sugar, recoverable sugar is off by as much as 30 percent in flooded areas.

Resolve To Be Fit In New Year
(Radio News 12/26/05) The start of a new year encourages people to make positive changes. LSU AgCenter nutritionist Dr. Beth Reames says people resolving to live healthier should get moving.

Buck Moth Populations High This Year
(Radio News 12/26/05) People are reporting seeing tremendous populations of buck moths around the state. The adult moths come out this time of the year. LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr. Dale Pollet says these adult populations are difficult to control.
Yields Are Mixed For Sugarcane
(Radio News 12/26/05) The sugarcane harvest is under way across Louisiana. This year the harvest shows a mixture of good and bad aspects. LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist Dr. Ben Legendre explains.
Recycle Christmas Trees After Holidays
(Radio News 12/26/05) Your Christmas tree can still have life after the holidays. LSU AgCenter forestry specialist Dr. Don Reed says there are several ways to recycle your Christmas tree
Driver Shortage Affects Sugarcane Harvest
(Radio 12/26/05) It has been a long haul for sugarcane growers in the southwestern part of the state. Without a mill in the area, their crop was shipped a good distance for processing. A new mill in Lacassine is not operating yet, and a driver shortage is complicating the harvest.
Strains Of Avian Influenza Vary In Severity
(Radio News 12/26/05) There are different strains of avian influenza, which also is known as bird flu. The strains manifest themselves differently in poultry, says LSU AgCenter poultry specialist Dr. Theresia Lavergne.
Protocols In Place For Potential Disease Outbreaks
(Radio News 12/26/05) Avian Influenza is not a direct threat to Louisiana's poultry industry at this time. But the industry does have a plan of action in place in case an outbreak does occur.
Biosecurity Always A Concern For Poultry Producers
(Radio News 12/26/05) Avian influenza, or bird flu, is not in the United States, but it has raised concerns about biosecurity in the poultry industry. While it has been more than 20 years since a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu was in this country., LSU AgCenter poultry specialist Dr. Theresia Lavergne says poultry producers have not let their guard down.
LSU AgCenter Honors Top Employees For 2005
(Distributed 12/21/05) Six employees received the LSU AgCenter’s top awards for 2005. In addition, a group of 15 who conducted the "Building Financially Literate Youth" program across the state received the annual teamwork award, LSU AgCenter Chancellor William B. "Bill" Richardson announced late in December (Dec. 19).
Master Gardeners Helping New Orleans City Park Recover
Master Gardeners working in New Orleans City Park botanical garden
(Distributed 12/20/05) Nearly four months after Hurricane Katrina, the flowers are beginning to bloom again in New Orleans City Park, thanks to some LSU AgCenter Master Gardeners. As soon as the ground became dry enough, LSU AgCenter horticulture agent Karen Blackburn of Orleans Parish started rounding up the troops – specially training LSU AgCenter volunteers – to see what could be done to bring the botanical garden back to life.
LSU AgCenter Helping Louisianans Become Better Entrepreneurs
Franklin Parish artist Agnes Hicks
(Distributed 12/20/05) The LSU AgCenter is helping Louisiana residents expand their businesses and advertise their goods to larger audiences. One part of that assistance comes through a workshop titled "My Own Business," which LSU AgCenter agents are teaching in different areas across Louisiana.