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Sweet Potatoes – A Nutritious Treat for the Holidays
(Distributed 12/11/2003) Sweet potatoes or yams are extremely versatile. They can be decorative, but they also are nutritious and offer many health benefits to consumers.

$1.5 Million Grant Awarded To Teach Youth About Proper Nutrition, Exercise
(Distributed 12/04/03) The LSU AgCenter is among the recipients of a $1.57 million grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation that will fund a five-year research and educational program on obesity to benefit children living in the Delta Region of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Public Says State Should Buy Elmer’s Island
(Distributed 12/01/03) The votes have been tallied, and the public has spoken – or at least they’ve responded to a survey to say the state of Louisiana should buy Elmer’s Island and keep it relatively primitive.

Fresh Fruits, Veggies Safe If Handled With Care
(Distributed 12/03/03) Outbreaks of foodborne diseases caused by fresh fruits and vegetables, such as the recent case of hepatitis A-contaminated green onions, are relatively rare in the United States.

Get It Growing: How Do Plants Know When Seasons Change?
(For Release On Or After 12/19/03) Have you ever wondered why poinsettias bloom now rather than for the Fourth of July? And have you ever thought about how plants know when the seasons are changing?
Get It Growing: New Trends Affect Way We Live, Garden
(For Release On Or After 12/26/03) The basic techniques of gardening today are not that much different from those our great-grandparents used. Still, technology and the age of communication are definitely changing the way we live, work and garden.
Get It Growing: Include Parsley In Your Winter Garden
(For Release On Or After 12/12/03) Cooking is a part of the holiday season, and many recipes call for chopped parsley. Easily grown, parsley should be planted in everyone’s cool-season herb garden.
Get it Growing: Holiday Plants Last Longer, Look Better With Proper Care
Get it growing
Decorative plants, such as poinsettias, holiday cactuses and living Christmas trees, play an important part in decking the halls for the holidays.
Lawmakers Approve Master Farmer Legislation
(Distributed 05/22/03) Louisiana farmers moved one step closer to having a chance at official certification as Master Farmers this week.Louisiana Senate passed HB 1827 Monday (May 19) provides for official state certification of those who complete the LSU AgCenter’s Master Farmer educational program.
LSU AgCenter Recognizes 2003 Diversity Award Winners
(Distributed 01/17/03) The LSU AgCenter recognized three individuals and one team for outstanding contributions to its diversity initiatives during a reception Friday afternoon (Jan. 17).
LSU AgCenter Nutrition Expert Tells What Makes Figs So Special
(Distributed 10/24/2003) Figs are one of the earliest fruits cultivated in the United States. They are nutrient-dense, versatile and very easy to pack and transport, says LSU AgCenter nutrition expert Catrinel Stanciu.
LSU AgCenter Nutritionist Lists Best Ways to Thaw Turkey
(Distributed 10/24/2003) Consumers have a choice between fresh and frozen turkeys when planning for Thanksgiving. LSU AgCenter nutritionist Dr. Beth Reames explains the safe options of thawing a frozen bird.
Get It Growing: Tropical Plants In Containers Need Protection From Winter Weather
(For Release On Or After 11/07/03) Container-grown tender tropical plants commonly are placed outside for the summer – where they provide a beautiful addition to decks, patios and porches. But these plants will not withstand freezing temperatures and must be brought back inside the house for the winter. Like children going back to school, they generally are not too happy about it either.
Get It Growing: Gardeners Sometimes Need To Know About Plants’ Sex Lives
(For Release On Or After 11/21/03) Botany lessons often help gardeners understand some of the underlying reasons why plants behave the way they do. When growing a plant that is expected to produce fruit, knowing something about the reproductive workings of the plant is in the gardener’s best interest. Otherwise, you could be in for disappointment.