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Purchase fig trees but wait until fall to plant

(Video 07/29/12) Figs are a popular fruit in Louisiana, and July is the time to purchase fig trees. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains the best time to plant fig trees and what you can expect from them during the early years.(Runtime: 1:33)

Crop research helping farmers overcome challenges

(Video News 07/27/12) LSU AgCenter researchers are looking for ways to enhance crop production and increase profits for farmers. LSU AgCenter correspondent Craig Gautreaux reports that there are some challenges facing growers but there are also opportunities. (Runtime 1:49)

Sugarcane crop in good shape

(Video News 07/27/12) Louisiana’s sugarcane crop is in good shape, and growers should expect this year’s crop to exceed last year’s. LSU AgCenter correspondent Craig Gautreaux cautions growers to be on the lookout for a new disease that could cause problems and potentially reduce yields. (Runtime 1:45)

Corn growers need to get after weeds early
(Distributed 07/31/12) Louisiana corn farmers need to be proactive in their approach to weed control, advises Daniel Stephenson, LSU AgCenter weed scientist. It starts four to six weeks before planting with a burndown of weeds. The end result removes weeds that will compete with corn for moisture and nutrition and eliminates habitat for damaging insects such as cutworms.

LSU AgCenter receives Walton Grant
(Distributed 07/31/12) The LSU AgCenter’s work to showcase the nature-based tourism assets of rural Louisiana has paid off in the form of a $235,313 grant from the Walton Family Foundation.
Chinch bugs are common lawn problem
(Audio 07/30/12) Chinch bugs are leading insect pests that attack our lawns. A sign of injury is a brown section of the lawn where the grass is straw-like and grass blades are rolled up. Chinch bugs tend to be worse later in the summer. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Plant tomatoes for fall crop
(Audio 07/30/12) It is popular to plant tomatoes in spring, but gardeners can get a fall crop as well. Buy different types of tomatoes such as heat-tolerant and standard varieties for the best chance of success. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Vegetable gardeners have options in August
(Audio 07/30/12) Gardeners can plant a wide variety of vegetables in August. Even though it is still really hot, we can plant cool-season vegetables alongside ones that prefer warmer conditions. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Insects are more abundant this summer
(Audio 07/30/12) A mild winter and early spring have led to pest problems. Many insects showed up early and in larger numbers. Look for signs of insect damage in your yard. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Prune overgrown plants in late summer
(Audio 07/30/12) By late summer many plants have gone through a long growing season. Pruning these plants can help revive them. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Anaplasmosis vaccine gains additional approvals
(Distributed 07/27/12) Missouri and Kentucky have joined the list of states approved by the the U.S. Department of Agriculture for sales of an anaplasmosis vaccine marketed by University Products LLC of Baton Rouge, La.
New gomphrena varieties offer more landscape options
Qui Carmine gomphrena
(Distributed 07/27/12) A tough plant that will keep blooming through summer and into fall, gomphrena likes really high temperatures. Sometimes called globe amaranth, legend has it that the original planting was at the gates of Hades.
LSU AgCenter offers high-security lab space for research projects
isolation unit
(Distributed 07/25/12) Recently completed laboratory and animal handling space at the LSU AgCenter Isolation Facility is now available to any researcher who has a need for containment and isolation, said Phil Elzer, assistant vice chancellor for research.
Documentary on agricultural research to air Aug. 2, 7 p.m., on LPB
125 years of research emblem
(Distributed 07/24/12) “Louisiana’s Frontline: 125 Years of Agricultural Research,” a 60-minute documentary, will be broadcast on Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) and its statewide PBS affiliates Aug. 2 at 7 p.m.